The development of young people as leaders is core to the work of NfYD. Youth Leadership Scheme is an exciting programme that enables young people to develop the skills and qualities necessary to be effective leaders, as well as challenging them to use these skills for the betterment of society. 

The Youth Leadership Scheme sets out to empower young people to make a positive difference to their community through practical actions and projects. Throughout the course of the programme, young people learn the core concepts of leadership and gain skills such as communication, public speaking, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, self-awareness etc. The programme sets about developing the leadership capabilities and potential of young people and gives them an opportunity to harness their skills and attributes to contribute to their society in a fun and encouraging environment.

NfYD call for interested young people who meets the standard criteria to apply for the training scheme, the training scheme will comprise an intense in class training and field work where each trained youth will have to utilize their acquired knowledge and skills and impart it to young people in Young Women Can Do It Clubs (YWCDI) in selected districts.

The first cohort will begin training on 1st November 2016 in Lilongwe Malawi; there is limited space for 20 young people.
Below is the events calendar:
- 7 days intensive class training 
- 6 days field work in selected sites (rural areas) 
- 3 days evaluation 
- NfYD will provide learning materials, Transport, Meals and Accommodation where necessary 
- Face to face interviews to be conducted

Click here to Download Youth Leadership Scheme form