• Together we can make a difference

    NfYD has established clubs both in and out of schools and are called Young Women Can Do It Clubs. The project has so far reached out to 3 704 (2183 F, 891 M) from Nkhatabay, Mzuzu and Nkhotakota districts. Apart for that we have established our pillars as follows:

    • Working together with the Government
    • Working together with the people of Malawi
    • Establishment of Young women can do clubs in rural areas
    • Establishment of microfinance clubs
    • Establishment of Sustainable Agriculture
    • Establishment of result oriented activities
    • NfYD values direct and honest communication
    • NfYD values women leaders in their own right
    • NfYD's Child Protection and Participation (CPP)
    • Action for Youth in Sustainable Environment and Empowerment (AYESE)

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