What is misconduct?

Misconduct is violation of legal rules, internal rules, guidelines or ethical and professional norms including conducts such as sexual harassment, discrimination and drug abuse; conditions which are dangerous for life and health; financial irregularities such as embezzlement, corruption, fraud, and nepotism.

Who can report misconduct?


How to report misconduct?

Reporting can be done verbally or in writing. For example, by phone, e-mail, letter or face-to-face meetings.

To whom should I report the misconduct?

As a main rule, you should report directly to your leader or the next person higher up in the line. It is possible to report misconduct anonymously to report@nfydmw.org .If it is a clear criminal case, the local authorities shall be notified. In case the fund comes from multiple donors, all donors shall be notified.

When to report misconduct?

There is zero tolerance for financial irregularities. As soon as you have a reasoned suspicion about misconduct, it shall be reported.

What should the report contain?

Even if you do not have complete information, you should report if you suspect misconducts.

How did you come to know of the misconduct? Who informed you about the misconduct Assess whether information is build on rumors/slander or concrete documented facts. Also assess if the source is reliable or questionable. What have you done so far, and what will you do in the future. If it is a financial irregularity, how much? How and when did it happen?


External auditor will be employed by NfYD to investigate and document the misconduct. Change in routines to prevent similar situations in the future shall take place. Statement which tells how embezzled funds will be recovered shall be sent to NfYD Board. NfYD will withhold salary or will stop any future transfer until the case is clarified and the risk of future case eliminated. Embezzled funds which are not settled have to be paid back to NfYD. At the sole discretion of NfYD the contract may be terminated, and prosecution will be considered.

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