Our Mission

Our Mission is to strengthen the youth sector of Malawi's Civil Society

Our Vision

Our Vision is a strong and vibrant youth civil society actively taking part in the decision making process at all levels in Malawi.

Young Women Can Do It Initiative (YWCDI)

YWCDI empowers young women from different communities for personal and social transformation. Furthermore, it aims at inspiring young women (girls) to have the voice, ability and problem-solving capacity to speak up, be decision makers, create visionary change and realize their full potential within their communities. We seek to address the very heart of issues that affect young women and those that impact their wellbeing- increasing confidence in their own voice and convictions, developing life-skills, and improving the ability to identify paths and resources within their communities.

Sustainable Lead Farmer Programme (SALFP)

Increasing the participation of youth in agriculture, and in particular nurturing the development of more young agricultural entrepreneurs, could be an important means of improving food security, youth livelihoods and employment in Malawi.
However, sustainable agriculture in Malawi meets setbacks due to among other things; High rates of rural-urban migration, high levels of youth unemployment, ageing farmer populations and increasing dependence on imported food when Malawi has enough resources to produce enough food.